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Welcome to the Law Office of Deborah Herriot-Howes

Faced with a family law problem? Then it is critical to ask yourself:
“Which closure path is right for me?”
Using her wealth of family law experience, Ms. Herriot-Howes knows the options and can help you to choose the process that makes sense for you and your family. Her strengths include a talent for getting to the root of the problem, a keen sense of practicality in resolving issues, and remarkable sensitivity to the emotional and financial needs of her clients. Her primary focus is always on the children. Ms. Herriot-Howes can help you to choose which process would best suit your circumstances. Qualified to practice in all of the below areas, she can then help you along your closure path.

  • Collaborative Family Law: In this unique family law process, solutions are created by the team. Who is the team ? You, your former spouse, your former spouse’s collaboratively trained family law lawyer, and Ms. Herriot-Howes. Find out more. Click here.

  • Mediation: Whether you are in Court or not, this cost-effective process alternative can move you peacefully to closure. Ms. Herriot-Howes is a family law mediator accredited with the Ontario Association for Family Mediation. Discover mediation. Click here.

  • Negotiation: Sometimes, all it takes to reach closure is informed discussion and common sense. Ms. Herriot-Howes negotiates firmly but realistically, with her client’s instructions, achieving the best possible settlement. How does she do it? Click here.

  • Litigation: Facing Court is a scary prospect, especially when it involves your children, your family and your life. Why face it alone? Learn how you can benefit from Ms. Herriot-Howes’ wealth of experience, expertise and reputation. Click here.